Logo Design





Due Fri. Sept. 10th

Use an Internet search engine to look for at least 12 logo design samples. :

Copy these samples into a document. You should fit four logos to a page. You are strongly recommended to use PUBLISHER as it is much easier to work with graphics and text.


For each logo, write a short explanation (3-4 sentences) explaining whether or not you think the logo is effective and WHY.  Your explanations should reflect an understanding of the various design elements presented in the "Principles of Logo Design" lesson.



Roughs Due Wed. Sept. 15th, Final Due Fri. Sept. 17th

Create a well-designed logo that will be used as your "signature" on all projects throughout the course.

Begin by producing a series of thumbnails that follow design principles outlined earlier – logo must represent YOU:

Choose one favourite thumbnail from each category and reproduce/rework in larger, more carefully drawn format (use drawing tools, etc).



From the final 3 "good" thumbnails, choose your top design and carefully reproduce it on the computer (choose the necessary software). Roughs must be checked before starting computer work.



Here are some helpful sites to provide some design assistance and inspiration.  Remember...you can be inspired by others' designs, but you CAN'T plagiarize!