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Digital Photography

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Welcome to Bluevale's TGJ 3MI

Digital Photography Project Page


During this 4-5 day practical project, you will learn the basic skills involved in properly operating a digital SLR camera and taking effective digital photos.  Skills development and learning will come from a combination of introductory theory lessons, demonstrations, reference manuals and hands-on training.



  • Working in a small group (2-3 students), you will learn how to operate one of our class digital SLR cameras (Nikon D40, D60 or D70).
  • You and your partners will demonstrate an understanding of important photography principles, including:
    • Safe handing of camera and lighting equipment
    • Camera settings and adjustments
    • Shutter Speed
    • White Balance
    • Depth of Field
    • Aperture Settings
    • ISO ("Film" speed)
    • 3-Point Portrait Lighting
    • Product Photography
    • Image Composition
  • Each group member will take a series of photos (refer to assignment booklet for complete image set) that will be used for your desktop publishing unit later in the course.  These photos will include samples of:
    • Shutter Speed, White Balance, Aperture Settings, Portrait & Product Photography, Composition
    • You must keep a record of photo settings (or refer to picture Metadata on computer)
  • Plan on taking pictures of you and your group members at work during the activity (images could be used on your portfolio website).



  • Review introductory Powerpoint lesson from class - click here
  • Refer to camera manuals as needed:
  • Review photography assignment outline - click here
  • Work closely with group members to complete ALL required photography (each member hands in own photos).



  • Each group member will ensure his/her images are well-organized in your hand-in folder for future use (see assignment outline for details).



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